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Find out who donates to the major parties and how much they give. See which industries are the biggest donors.  

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Top 10 Donors

The top 10 donors to Federal Liberals in 2012/13:

Cormack Foundation (associated entity) $1,500,000
Roslyn Packer $500,000
Pratt Holdings Pty Ltd $250,000
Washington H. Soul Pattinson $250,000
Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd $250,000
Free Enterprise Foundation (associated entity) $225,000
Parakeelia Pty Ltd (associated entity) $200,000
Balmoral Pastoral Pty Ltd $200,000
Westfield Limited $150,000
JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd




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Search the lobbyist register to find out who really holds sway with our politicians!  See how much they donate too.

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Top 10 Lobbyists

Lobbyists with the most client donations, 1998-2012:

Hawker Britton $15,955,248
Spier Consulting $7,359,954
John Connolly & Partners $6,647,747
Principled Public Relations and Public Affairs $6,602,966
Profile Management Consultants $5,865,498
Jeni Coutts & Associates $4,986,858
Endeavour Consulting Group $4,651,006
Barton Deakin Pty Limited $4,288,948
Jeffrey Wall $4,254,140
The Fifth Estate Consultancy $3,919,989
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