Oakeshott airs political donations inquiry concerns

ABC Mid North Coast, NSW

Port Macquarie MP Robert Oakeshott says he will be watching the Upper House inquiry into political donations with interest.

Mr Oakeshott says he hopes the inquiry will be genuine in its findings and recommendations, but he does have concerns over the make-up of the investigating committee. He says the gaming and hotel industry, developers and players in other big industries have been getting their way with the New South Wales Government via large donations to both parties.

He says the first step towards fixing that is for Parliament to admit that it is an issue.

"Like Alcoholics Anonymous or Gambling Anonymous, the first thing you got to do is admit it's a problem," he said.

"At the moment the Parliament and the political parties and all of us involved have a lot of trouble admitting that these political donations in a lot of ways are made to buy positions in regards to key legislation."



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