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There are two discrete sets of donations data that you can search on this website - donations disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and donations disclosed to the NSW Election Funding Authority (NSWEFA).

You CANNOT add together the totals of these two sets of donations because in some cases the same donations are disclosed by parties or donors to both the AEC and the NSWEFA.

Search Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) donations

Each year on 1st February the AEC releases the last financial year's donations disclosed by both the NSW and Federal divisions of the major political parties.  We import the AEC donations directly into, and then assign each donor company, organisation or individual to an industry category by researching the nature of the donor company.

The Democracy4sale research project has spent thousands of research hours classifying the donor companies into industry categories.  This means you can view donations by party, by company, by industry category or by year.

Search NSW Election Funding Authority (NSWEFA) donations 

In the past the NSWEFA has published donations to parties and state and local government election candidates in NSW about 12 months after each election.  From August 2008, the new donations laws require political parties and candidates for state and local government elections to disclose their donations to the NSWEFA every 6 months.

Where possible, we sort the donor companies into industry categories, allowing you to view the donations by party, by candidate, by electorate, by company, by industry category or by year.

* Note - the 1999-2003 election period includes donations to candidates but not to party head offices.


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