Donations Inquiry

In June 2007 the NSW Parliament agreed to establish a political donations inquiry. The Greens campaign for reform of corporate donations has shone the spotlight on the corrupting influence of donations in NSW and the Democracy4sale project greatly informed this inquiry.

The terms of reference for the Inquiry were to investigate:

· all matters associated with electoral funding and disclosure,
· the advantages and disadvantages of banning all donations from corporations, unions and organizations to parties and candidates,
· the advantages and disadvantages of introducing limits upon expenditure in election campaigns,
· the impact of political donations on the democratic process, and any related matters.

In June 2008 the report was handed down. The Greens congratulated members of the NSW parliamentary inquiry for their report and called on Premier Iemma to immediately endorse its recommendations and provide a timeframe for its implementation to help restore public confidence in the political process.

Premier Iemma now has a comprehensive road map for how to clean up donations in this state.  NSW would follow in the steps of Canada which has been a successful model of electoral funding reform.  Ignoring this report would see further damage to the democratic process by allowing the running sore of donations scandals to continue.

In particular, the Greens supported the cap on election spending, public funding of elections, the ban on all corporate donations save individual donations to $1,000 and greater transparency in the donations process.

See the inquiry report.

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