Case Studies


How do donations distort democracy?

Donations erode the Australian democratic process.  Corporations, organisations and individuals donate money to political parties. The parties use the donations to fund their election campaigns and day-to-day activities.  What the big corporate donors get in return is access to politicians. They sit with them at fundraising dinners, they meet with them at Parliament House. This distorts the democratic process because it gives people with fat wallets the opportunity to buy influence that the average person cannot afford.

The Greens have scrutinised donations because political leaders, who are constantly making policy decisions that favour corporations, are receiving substantial donations from these same corporations behind the scenes.

Read through our case studies to better understand how donations distort our democracy. Search the d4s database and compare donations to the major parties from different company categorises. Then draw your own conclusions on the connection between political donations and public policy, and the need for major reform.


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